If You Stopped Working Right Now, What Would Happen?

I just got back from a Leadership Retreat where we talked a lot about financial freedom + residual income AND I’m fired up!

If you’re not working, you’re not worth it.

I grew up with this in my bones. We’re a “hard worker” culture in my family – so much so that when I’m earning millions, I wonder if I’ll really be able to settle into that.

Did you know that 98% of retirees today are dependent on social security, family, charities….?

They worked 40 years + for someone else’s dream, most likely, and 75% of people aged 50+ have less than $5000 in the bank.

Can you imagine the kind of stress on your body + health that causes? I mean, financial worries decline health in anyone, and as you age, it will affect you more.

People work hard at a “job” for 40+ years so they can one day enjoy the “golden years” and when they get there they need to still work, or they spend the money they have saved on getting their health back.

This paradigm has to change. It is changing. And it will continue to change.

Let me clarify something I needed to learn becoming an “entrepreneur” > being a business owner is different than being self-employed.

Being self-employed, you work 20+ hours a day (ha! feels like it), and the money stops coming in when you stop working. After being employed in a regular job, I began here and it sucked.  Even though I built a six figure coaching biz, I still had moments of feast or famine.

On the other hand, being a business owner means that you’ve set up streams of income that work for you when you’re not working.

Being an investor, better still, means you’ve created assets that create residual income —> This is how the 2% of the wealthy are wealthy. Their residual income from assets covers their expenses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.12.56 AM
SO, what if you could create in 4 years what most people traditionally have done in 40? Would you do it?

You know, the funny thing is, most people won’t.

Because they believe deep down that working hard is just the way that it is.

Because they can’t see the vision —> because first, it requires an outlay of time, energy, and money. And you don’t get a lot in return in the beginning.

It’s so easy to give up on something like that. We are an immediate gratification culture.

Day after day I see awesome purpose based entrepreneurs that have big aligned visions with their soul. They commit to serving others and they are dead broke. Heck, that’s been me.

And when they are offered an opportunity to create residual income – i.e. Put your head down for 2, 3 or 4 years and create assets that pay you forever – They still say no. They choose to trade hours for dollars, spin their wheels creating another program to try to fill, or hope for a big investor for their “baby”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these “babies”. They are SO needed on our planet. But, seriously, what good are you to the world if you worry every month about paying bills and getting out of debt?

Are you truly free?

Just for a moment, imagine the immense creative nature that is YOU that the world will experience when you are truly FREE!

Connect for a second with the FREEDOM + OPTIONS that money {RESIDUAL MONEY} gives you to go out and live an even higher destiny in the world.

Let me ask you this: If you stopped working right now, by choice or by accident, would income keep flowing into your bank account?

I needed to learn this lesson the hard way.

It’s my big passion in 2016 to connect women to this vision so that they will make the choice today that will put them in an entirely different prosperity bracket a year from now – and not from money that will come in and go out in a flash from a new program/ retreat / workshop – money that’s an asset that will grow and grow for a lifetime.

I envision a world with more women millionaires! Why? because the world needs more empowered intuition, connection, reverence, radical truth, and consciousness.

Are you destined to be one of these women?

To learn how I’m creating assets that will provide residual income for the rest of my life, check out this biz opportunity document I’ve created.

If you’re ready to get started, let me know here.



P.S. I’m launching a new webinar this week that will share my story of how I’m adding a six figure residual income stream to my biz WHILE empowering more women and making an even bigger impact than I could’ve alone AND how you can too. Stay tuned! ♡♡♡

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Why You Need To Quit Wanting To Be Of Service

Motivational-Monday-figure-out-your-purposeYour purpose here on earth is JOY. Some of us get so caught up in how we can serve, what’s our purpose, on and on we go, and what we fail to realize is that our service to the world emerges from our deepest joy.

In the past, I’ve gotten so caught up in making my life meaningful. In fact, most new-age thought leaders are going to tell you to “be of service”. Heck, I’ve said it, and ultimately I believe it.

Hang with me for a moment.

Don’t get me wrong, being of service is a noble goal. To be of service to the world. To live a life of meaning. To make your life about others.

I want to offer, though, that connecting to your deepest joy…

When you feel that chilling magic pierce through your body.

When time passes and you didn’t even realize it.

When you express yourself so authentically that people either say LOVE or HATE.

When you could never tire, or even wouldn’t care if you got paid, to do that thing.

…that’s a clue. That’s your zone. The way you’re here to revolutionize things.

It’s YOUR zone of genius, that no one else on the planet can do like you.

As Liz Gilbert says, “You are not required to save the world with your creativity. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest will take care of itself.”

Ultimately your life will be of service – in a creative, soul-connecting, heart stirring kind of way when you access your heart’s deepest joy and let your life be an expression of that.

When your work is genuine and real and authentic, IT will serve – in the highest way possible.

It will uplift the collective consciousness.

It will serve humanity’s evolution.

You’re not doing anyone any favors by holding the heavy intent of helping others IF that work doesn’t LIGHT you the fuck up.

People will feel that heavy martyrdom and you will actually have the opposite effect.

Make your intent to access YOU and your creative magic. Imagine if your work was your greatest pleasure. Imagine the kind of vibrations you put out into the world. Imagine the level of inspiration you’d impart on others.

Now that, love, is your sole (soul) purpose.

Be bold. Be big. Be fiercely YOU.



P.S. Leave me a comment below and tell me 1) Have you been held back by this heavy notion of purpose and service? Do you agree that your greatest joy and passion will in turn be your gift to the world?

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One of the Great Gifts of Yoga

mauricio9One of the great gifts of YOGA // or a spiritual practice (meditation, time in nature/contemplation) is that…

Yoga creates intimacy – the greater ability to be intimate with life – with yourself – and others.

Yoga helps you see YOU in the other.

When someone does something extreme (like murder, rape, become addicted), extreme judgement and condemnation of the other does not make the world better (aka more peaceful).

When you realize that the only difference between you and “them” is ONLY a degree of anger, rage, depression, resentment…

Then, you begin to see yourself in others, in everyone actually.

That’s how real peace happens.

This is what yoga does. Just being with the body and the breath. It creates intimacy, withIN, and with others.

Judgement of others, which is perpetuated by organized religion, creates more separation which creates more unhappiness which creates more violence.

Healthy discrimination is appropriate, but condemning others as wrong only perpetuates this ever-increasing destructive planet.

Knowing all you can really do is BE the light, raise consciousness inside, and truly connect with others — that loves, is what is going to change this world.

When you automatically judge another for something “horrible”, can you begin to relate to them in a way that brings you closer to that person — even just mentally and emotionally?



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Do You Put Your Arms Down in Kundalini Yoga and Life?

I’m a devoted student of kundalini yoga. This yoga is an ancient yogic technology and a little different than what most people think of today’s modern day “yoga”.

Daily, we do intense meditations where we have to hold our arms out and move them back and forth or up and down for what feels like 30 minutes at a time, it’s probably more like 7, but it feels like an eternity. If you think it’s easy, try it;)

I ALWAYS want to put my arms down….30 seconds, or 3 minutes in, I want to give up, give in to my mind that says it’s too hard.

So, I’ve been playing with what that means lately. How it’s kind of like an epidemic in humanity. We are in constant pursuit to make ourselves feel more comfortable. Almost everything we do is for that. Think about it.

Overall, we’re a fucking spoiled nation.

Look I grew up in a immigrant family, single mom, absent dad, — there was a lot of talk of “money doesn’t grow on trees.” But I still grew up pretty entitled. I almost always got what I wanted, I quit something when I didn’t like it anymore, and I almost always took the easy way out. My point is, it’s not always the “rich kid” who’s spoiled.

It wasn’t until I grew up — not when I turned 18 but many years later after heartbreak, careerbreak, and soul searching — did I realize that while it looked from the outside that I was a super “hardworker” (a value my family extremely prided) – MBA degree, fortune 50 finance career, lots o’ things — the reality was, I hadn’t committed to anything that really mattered.

I later learned that the path of the warrior — the one who’s here to be a changemaker and live a legacy — is living excellence.

That means she doesn’t shy away when her arms start to hurt in a yoga pose, or she has to put in the time to train her dog, or doesn’t feel like writing or meditating every damn day.

No, this woman, the one who knows she’s special (as is EVERY being but few know it) is committing to being comfortable with UNCOMFORTABILITY.

Because, guess what? Doing shit that will change the world is not for the abandoner. It requires a full-on healthy relationship with commitment, steadfastness, discipline, adversity, and the unknown.

And one of the most beautiful revelations about it — that these qualities, when cultivated, stimulate even more FUN, FREEDOM, SENSUALITY, and LUMINOSITY in a human….a force to be reckoned with!

My invitation to you is to be aware of where you “put your arms down” in areas of your life that seem insignificant. You’ll probably notice a pattern that relates highly to why you’re not YET living the life you truly desire. Start making all commitments at a deeper level TODAY. It’s time.

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Why Starting When You Feel Ready is Completely Wrong

When I started my own website just two years ago to take my teachings to a bigger platform, there was a huge part of me that didn’t feel ready yet.

It went something like this:

“Yes! I feel it in my heart! I just have to do this!”


“No! Forget it.

What if it doesn’t work?

Who am I to be a teacher and announce that I have any kind of “authority” to speak on these matters?

How do I do it?

What do I do first?

What if I do it and no one comes?

What if I fail?”

STORIESMy Virgo self is a perfectionist, and because I didn’t have this dream all figured out and it wasn’t a guaranteed success, I waited and waited with this gnawing tug at my heart that said,

“You know what you have to do.”

It wasn’t until the YES! in my heart became so loud over time that I had no choice but to listen. This ability to finally listen had everything to do with my spiritual practice.

The thing is though that the fears never left. NEVER. I still hear them. I just know now not to listen.

If I had waited until the fears went away and I felt only the YES!, I’d still be waiting.

I wouldn’t have a successful six-figure coaching business that has changed many women’s lives (and some special men too!).

I wouldn’t be able to support myself financially solely based on WHO I AM in the world. My work and me are one in the same (more on this coming soon).

I wouldn’t be able to #workfromwherever and live from Tulum, Mexico to Venice beach, California and travel in between.

If I had waited until I felt ready, I’d have a regular day job sucking my soul and feel completely out of alignment with my heart. I’d be fostering dis-ease in my body and my relationships would be suffering.

If I had waited, my doubts and fears and desire for perfection would have led to paralysis.

So, love, if you hear that voice that says, “You know what you have to do,” and you’re still not listening because there’s still some fear, it’s time. The fears aren’t going to go away. Yes, fear is designed to protect you. But sometimes that little fear devil takes his job to an extreme. You need to learn how to put him in his place and tell him kindly that you appreciate his concern, but you’re doing it anyway.

If you’re not living YOUR uniqueness in the world — however that looks for you — you are behind the eight ball.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk,

“There’s no excuse for anyone living in the US or anywhere right now to slog through his or her entire life working at jobs they hate, or even jobs they simply don’t love, in the name of a paycheck or responsibility. The internet makes it possible for anyone to be 100 percent true to themselves and make serious cash by turning what they love most into their personal brand. There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.”

It’s your time — you can do this.


PS – Leave me a comment below and tell me, 1) If you’re listening to your fears and it’s holding you back from doing what you really want, and 2) Proclaim and take one small step today towards your heart’s desires.

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