Why You Need To Quit Wanting To Be Of Service

Motivational-Monday-figure-out-your-purposeYour purpose here on earth is JOY. Some of us get so caught up in how we can serve, what’s our purpose, on and on we go, and what we fail to realize is that our service to the world emerges from our deepest joy.

In the past, I’ve gotten so caught up in making my life meaningful. In fact, most new-age thought leaders are going to tell you to “be of service”. Heck, I’ve said it, and ultimately I believe it.

Hang with me for a moment.

Don’t get me wrong, being of service is a noble goal. To be of service to the world. To live a life of meaning. To make your life about others.

I want to offer, though, that connecting to your deepest joy…

When you feel that chilling magic pierce through your body.

When time passes and you didn’t even realize it.

When you express yourself so authentically that people either say LOVE or HATE.

When you could never tire, or even wouldn’t care if you got paid, to do that thing.

…that’s a clue. That’s your zone. The way you’re here to revolutionize things.

It’s YOUR zone of genius, that no one else on the planet can do like you.

As Liz Gilbert says, “You are not required to save the world with your creativity. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest will take care of itself.”

Ultimately your life will be of service – in a creative, soul-connecting, heart stirring kind of way when you access your heart’s deepest joy and let your life be an expression of that.

When your work is genuine and real and authentic, IT will serve – in the highest way possible.

It will uplift the collective consciousness.

It will serve humanity’s evolution.

You’re not doing anyone any favors by holding the heavy intent of helping others IF that work doesn’t LIGHT you the fuck up.

People will feel that heavy martyrdom and you will actually have the opposite effect.

Make your intent to access YOU and your creative magic. Imagine if your work was your greatest pleasure. Imagine the kind of vibrations you put out into the world. Imagine the level of inspiration you’d impart on others.

Now that, love, is your sole (soul) purpose.

Be bold. Be big. Be fiercely YOU.



P.S. Leave me a comment below and tell me 1) Have you been held back by this heavy notion of purpose and service? Do you agree that your greatest joy and passion will in turn be your gift to the world?

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You Won’t Get Where You’re Going Without This One Thing

How do you expect to go where you’re going when you’ve never walked the path before?

CA2_9476We know well how to recreate our past, but we have no freakin’ idea how to really create the future we desire.

Part of up-leveling your life is Optimizing Your Environment.

Optimizing your environment includes many areas: Your physical home and surroundings, your work space, your exercise and wellness routines, AND examining your relationships. All areas of your life have to be in 100% alignment with your BIG vision.

The reality is to get where you’re going, some relationships have to go.

This means that it’s OK to let go of your friends from high school if you haven’t “grown” in the same way.  This does mean you might have to limit time with family who don’t quite “get” your dreams.  This may mean it’s time to close the chapter with your current romantic partner who doesn’t fully support you and your wild and crazy dreams.

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So Many Ideas? How to Choose and Take Action.

a-year-from-now-you-will-wish-you-had-started-today-e1376021720748When you begin to tap into your creative genius, you have moments where you are flooded with ideas.

You might be clear that you want to do something you love, follow your passion, live your purpose, BUT you also may feel that you have SO many interests and you don’t know which one to choose.

You’re not alone. (And if you feel devoid of passions, that’s normal too. Go here to see my blog post on how to find your purpose)

If you feel that you love to dance, write, sing, design clothes, cook, do yoga, travel, give healing or guidance, garden, etc and you just don’t know which one to make a business out of, then I suggest you think about the tips below.

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Why You Wanna Work For Yourself & How To Start

I want to fill you in on something: Creating a business doing what you love that supports your dream lifestyle is not only possible, but it’s happening.  Actually, it’s becoming a hot “trend” and it’s not going away any time soon, so it’s time you get in the game!

The internet has completely changed the state of business.  Almost every industry has been massively affected by technology: Publishing, music, film, real estate, finance, education, healthcare, etc.  And there’s no doubt, the changes will continue. 

I don’t think we can even fully imagine yet where we’re going with technology.  But what we do know is that it’s here to stay, and that’s a great thing.

So, I know you’ve thought about it…Leaving your job and replacing your current income, or tripling your income, doing something you LOVE…This is the idea of a lifestyle business.

A lifestyle business is a custom-designed way of generating wealth that honors your health and happiness. 

PTR2_beachlaptopFor example, if you dream of traveling the world, then a lifestyle business could support your desire to work from anywhere in the world…I call it location independence.

You might want to spend more time with your kids, and being an entrepreneur could create the ability to work only when they’re in school. 

You may want to finally quit working hours for dollars, and want to create passive income– earning money while you’re not “working” — How sweet would it be to wake up to deposits that were made while you sleep?

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Quit controlling it all

shaktiThere’s been a recurring theme in my life lately.  The lessons consistently seem to be about….

letting go
going with the flow
being playful
and present
embracing the unknown

.in other words, being feminine.

Flowing and feminine sometimes means inconsistency and spontaneity….which can be difficult for my Virgo analytical (a little bit of a control freak) mind.

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