Top 3 Metaphysical Tools I Use to Raise the Vibe of my Life + Biz

I believe the world will be changed by the Western Woman, as said by the Dalai Lama, and WE ARE the ones that will change it.  We need to use every tool we have available and nature is one of those high vibe tools.

What resources do you leverage to raise your vibe?

Did you know that just surrounding yourself with sacred space of plants, crystals, oils, and so many other beautiful things from nature automatically starts to bring you higher?

You start to think differently–seeing a more positive outlook, worries diminish because you feel CONNECTED. When that happens, you become a magnet 🔮

All that you desire already IS, you just need to become a vibrational match to it. Then the items, experiences, and people you want will naturally be attracted to you.

IMG_0822My top 3 tools for raising my vibe are:::

✨ Wild orange essential oil : the oil of abundance and the “happy oil”

✨ Crystal pendulum for decision making. Rose Quartz on my heart and while I sleep to keep me connected to my heart.

✨ Meditation, prayer + conscious thinking. How you think creates how you feel and your emotions create your vibration. I meditate 20 mins in the morning + night, and sometimes in the middle of the day too. Helps me stay high vibin’ all day.💟

I also make sure to sweat, fill my home with plants, altars + salt lamps, play tarot cards for guidance and use many essential oils throughout my day to support my mood, hormones, and focus.

The truth is that you can be or do or have anything that you have the WILL to focus upon long enough that it dominates your vibration and allows you to become ONE with source energy.

Nothing matters more than how you feel.  The way you feel is your true indicator of your alignment with your Source and of the alignment with your own intentions.

Essentially, all of these tools are here to help you feel connected. When you feel connected, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are in the highest vibrational frequency. From there, you have the power to ATTRACT all of your desires. It is your birthright to experience all of them.

Blessed be,


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One of the Great Gifts of Yoga

mauricio9One of the great gifts of YOGA // or a spiritual practice (meditation, time in nature/contemplation) is that…

Yoga creates intimacy – the greater ability to be intimate with life – with yourself – and others.

Yoga helps you see YOU in the other.

When someone does something extreme (like murder, rape, become addicted), extreme judgement and condemnation of the other does not make the world better (aka more peaceful).

When you realize that the only difference between you and “them” is ONLY a degree of anger, rage, depression, resentment…

Then, you begin to see yourself in others, in everyone actually.

That’s how real peace happens.

This is what yoga does. Just being with the body and the breath. It creates intimacy, withIN, and with others.

Judgement of others, which is perpetuated by organized religion, creates more separation which creates more unhappiness which creates more violence.

Healthy discrimination is appropriate, but condemning others as wrong only perpetuates this ever-increasing destructive planet.

Knowing all you can really do is BE the light, raise consciousness inside, and truly connect with others — that loves, is what is going to change this world.

When you automatically judge another for something “horrible”, can you begin to relate to them in a way that brings you closer to that person — even just mentally and emotionally?



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The Secret To Lifestyle Business Income

You want to do what you love, right?

But you’re a little scared.

Well, a lot scared.


Mostly, because of that thing called money.

You need your biz to make money. To support your family. To travel. To relocate. To live well.

The reality is: You want to do what you love everyday AND make an income.

And that’s the main thing that’s holding you back from actually doing it. You’re not sure you believe it will. You’re not sure people will buy what you’re selling.

I get it, girl.

The thing is: You’re right. People may not buy what you’re selling. That’s why you need a support system to teach you about the marketplace. To get you clear on your niche market and what WILL sell. The key is confidence.

You must FEEL confident in what you’re doing. If you don’t, people will feel it.

That’s the secret.

It’s a little bit of a double-edged sword here, because until you start making money from this thing you wanna do, you probably won’t feel that confident that people will pay for it.

But you need to.

You need to position yourself as an expert in your marketplace and feel like you are one.

And you are.

Think of all the time and money you’ve spent studying what you know. Classes, books, workshops, teacher trainings, work experience, coaching, therapy. All of that is worth something, love.

People are waiting for you to help them — in the way only you can — and they are willing to pay for it.

Muster your inner Divine self. Affirm that YOU ARE, right now. And do this already.

Now, I want to hear from you: What’s your biggest fear around starting your business? Do you feel confident in your ability to change people’s lives? Are you worried that you won’t be able to make enough money to live off of your lifestyle business?

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You Need To Get Clear On THIS Before You Set Goals For 2014

It’s New Year’s Day! Happy New Year and New Moon!

Have you done your goal setting yet? Made a vision board? Well, before you do I have a tip for you. 

When thinking about the new year ahead, most of the time we focus on:

  • More money, different job, a better (or new) relationship, warmer location…
  • Goals, intentions, manifestations, objectives, bucket lists.

We hope and pray that those things will fulfill us when we get there. And a lot of times, the reality is, they don’t.

It may take months or years to realize it, but then we’re off to trying to achieve or obtain the “next” thing.

The truth is we don’t really want some thing or some experience, we want to FEEL a certain way.

We’ve been so accustomed to reach, to aspire, to achieve, and a lot of times we end up feeling empty. 

We seem to have intention and goal setting backwards. 

How about this instead?

Chase the feeling first, then get clear on the goals that will help you FEEL that way.

A novel idea!

I’ve been coaching many women (and a few lucky men!) Continue reading

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5 Tips in Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

SoulPurposeThere were years when I knew I just wanted to help people.

I was interested in psychology and self-help.  I think this came from my personal pain of growing up in an alcoholic family.  

I started going to teen support groups, reading religious and inspirational texts and literature related to the effects of such family — I was learning how to survive. 

And I had a deep longing to share what I was learning with those who didn’t know.

But those interests were tempered by this need to survive, financially. I grew up in Connecticut, a predominantly affluent place, and money seemed like the important thing to pursue. 

I would hear frequently, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “Money’s not everything, but it’s right up there with oxygen.”

My mom struggled, however successfully, to raise us as a single parent.  My parents were immigrants from Ireland and the most thing they wanted was for us to have a better life — which meant more financial security.
Through the confusion of deciding what to study in college, I was also working part-time in office jobs — real estate, financial trading houses, and internet companies.  After months of deliberation, I decided that studying psychology or social work wouldn’t get me to money.  And money is where I had learned I should be, and where I wanted to be at that time.  

So I studied Economics. I struggled to get through my major.  There was a day that a tenured professor looked at me in a private tutor session of an advanced Econ class and said that maybe I should change my major.  

If I had known about intuition or “signs” then, I would’ve listened.  I would’ve known that this clearly wasn’t the path for me. 

Struggling is not the path of your heart.

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