Rituals for 2013

meditatinggoddessI love rituals. I love the word. I love how it instantaneously makes me feel connected to ceremony, prayer, angels and goddesses, and God.

After spending a long time in India listening, watching, and participating in their daily rituals and ceremonies, I felt inspired to create my own. 

Some of them are related to my spiritual practices like lighting incense and candles and placing fruit and flowers for the Divine on the altar, but many are my daily tasks — “chores” or “habits” which I now call rituals.

These are things I need to do in order to achieve what I want most in life. They are sacred to my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

My last post I told you I was vision writing about my upcoming year. Getting clear on my dreams and EVERYTHING I want to create in my life in 2013.

While dreaming is fun and exciting, taking action and living your daily life in alignment with exactly what you want to create can be the hard part.

Some of my highest visions for 2013 include deepening my spiritual practice, manifesting and co-creating with a soul love partner, growing the spiritual soul sister tribe to share more inspiration and love, and greater financial freedom.

So, here are the rituals I’ve committed to to make my dreams come true:

  • Meditate daily – at least 15 minutes, usually 30 minutes.
  • Yoga – at least 2x weekly – my practice infuses my teaching
  • Play harmonium daily – music & chanting is my new creative passion that sends me direct into my heart.
  • Write daily – For my journal, for the blog, for the forthcoming book.
  • Puja (ceremony) to the Divine Feminine at least 1x week
  • Create products & offerings for the tribe that they love & that work.
  • Spend time in nature – walk the beach, swim, look at the stars.
  • Dance — currently, salsa.  It’s SO good for my soul!
  • Eat nourishing & clean foods.

This is a peak into my rituals — I have others like my beloved morning coffee (organic mexican kawa with honey & soya), chatting with my mama (she’s coming to visit in 12 days!), studying spanish, and dog training with my bud (we’re working on separation anxiety at the moment:()

The days and weeks when I actually stay committed to my rituals feel amazing. I’m more productive, floating at a higher vibrational frequency, and attracting abundant thoughts and opportunities. 

The days I don’t….well, it doesn’t feel so good. I feel anxious, disconnected, uninspired, unmotivated, and not good enough.

It’s a slippery slope.

So, make YOUR ritual list. And stick to it. Writing it out makes a difference in your commitment. Believe me. 

Manifesting your dreams is hard work and commitment aligned with Divine timing —  Remember: You’re consciously co-creating your dreams with the Divine.

With all my love,


PS – Dearest soul, You have a message from the angels: The love & joy awaiting you is greater than any you have ever known. Meditate on that this week.  

PPS – I’d love to be inspired by your rituals.  Please leave me a comment below with some of yours.  I read every single one and they light my heart.

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  1. tara – i love this post, as well! this is great because i do many of these things myself (my own rituals), but sometimes i feel like they are tasks. thinking of them as rituals reminds me that these are special.

    okay, here are a few of mine:

    meditation – every morning. at least 15 minutes, hopefully 20, really hopefully 30
    juicing – juicing organic produce is something i am thankful for every day. drinking straight nutrients into my body feels awesome… and is such a gift!
    buying produce – may sound silly but i LOVE buying fresh produce. supporting local and organic farmers helps me feel connected to people and to the earth, and then taking it home and working with it – i love it.
    yoga – at least 2 xs/week, hopefully 3. going through a transition with that now since i just moved. i was really connected with my studio in phoenix. about to begin the search for new classes and teachers.
    breathing exercises – 2-3 xs throughout the day. helps me to remember to be in the present moment and slow it down.

    those are some of my biggies.

    thank you for this. it is really cool to acknowledge things in this way. i feel more divinity already.


    • Awesome, my dear. I love the juicing….that’s a good one! Thank you for reading 🙂 And I send you so much love for your move and settling in Portland. LOVE!

  2. Hey, first time commenter here! Love the site and love your journey 🙂 I recently embarked on a similar journey (about 6 months ago). Yay for the Post-Corporate world!

    A few of my rituals:

    1 – Gym – 5x a week, first thing, it wakes me up
    2 – Meditation – daily! morning and night
    3 – Eating clean – eating has to be a ritual, right? 🙂
    4 – Working on my vision – this is my more-than-full-time job, but I can approach it as a ritual, every day
    5 – Green tea – 4 cups a day keeps the cancer away 😉
    6 – Hand-ground coffee – every other day

    It’s the little things that make life worth living, right?

    • Hey Andrew, Thanks for reading and commenting!! Love hearing from new readers 🙂 Happy that you escaped the corporate world and are pursuing what makes you happy, and awesome daily rituals…..I need to add some green tea! Blessings, Tara

  3. Hey Tara
    thanku so much for this site and your wonderful proclaminations of faith and hope and most of all love. I feel quite teary and emotional reading your thoughts and ideas and how you have actioned these. I too have made shifts in my life for the better but still have a way to go to develop trust, patience and respect…..I would really appreciate joining your network and to contribute as best I can…

    In love and light…

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