1-on-1 with tara

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create Financial Freedom doing something that felt in alignment with your heart and soul?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could finally quit your job, work from home (or around the world), and do something that helped other people get healthier and happier?

Wouldn’t it just feel amazing to be a strong leader who felt confident and aligned in her purpose and highest destiny on the Planet?

On the outside, you have it all together. You are successful, educated, talented, loving, and you want to make a difference in the world. But even with all the outer success, you feel inwardly empty.  You’re stressed, overwhelmed, tight, worried, and probably broke.

Deep down, you are yearning for more. 
You long to serve humanity. You long to see the world. You want financial freedom. You want ease and happiness.

You want to do what YOU are meant to do in the world. Something meaningful. Something passionate. Something that doesn’t feel like work.

You long to be loved. To be adored. For exactly who you are. Not who you have to pretend to be in this world.

You secretly fear that you’re not worthy enough for abundant success. For wild adoring love. 
Sometimes tears come from fear that you’ll never be really happy. That you’ll never really experience all you really truly desire.

You’re done living a life of stress and masculine madness and long to feel relaxed, free, and joyful. 
You want to stop the never-ending incessant thinking. You want to SERVE.

But how? You’ve tried everything you know. And you don’t know where to turn. You’ve worked so hard, you’re so committed, and you do what you have to do to “make it happen.” You’ve endlessly tried to figure it all out.

Your Type A perfectionist being is so very tired. You’ve held it together for so long. If you really get honest, you’re lonely and scared. And you’re fed up with being so damn hard on yourself.

You want your work to be a reflection of your Divine gifts.  You want the financial freedom to travel and experience the wonder of life’s adventures.  You want to feel fulfilled, inspired, and adored.

You’re ready to try something you’ve never done before. You’re ready to listen to your heart’s language: to stop doing and start feeling. You’re ready to start taking action in a prayerful way, in a soft feminine way, to achieve your deepest soul’s desires.

Do you ever feel like this and can’t seem to break free of the same pattern?

I know I did.

I used to be a NYC investment banker with a shiny new MBA. I was living a life others wanted for me and I was lost, unfulfilled, uninspired, and craving something meaningful.

I wanted to live a life I loved – that was exciting and adventurous, creative and worldly – and that made a difference in other people’s lives.

The problem was that I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t trust myself to choose. I became so programmed to “fit in”, to please others, and be someone I was not, I knew I needed time to take a look deep inside. I was really scared. This meant that I had to be willing to give up the successful life I knew and walk away from everything I had worked so hard for, to become the woman I was meant to be.

I began my journey into yoga and spirituality, health and wellness. In a matter of six months, I went from sitting in boardrooms to sitting in ashrams.

I was laid off from my buttoned up corporate job and two days later I arrived at an ashram for my first yoga teacher training.  I then traveled and lived around the world for 6 years. I studied with spiritual masters, discovered the real me, and found the courage to live my purpose and the life of my dreams. 

AAA_8495I started a business online that reached six-figures in two years. I now mentor revolutionary women to lead their missions boldly and authentically, with clarity and prosperity. I’ve also created financial freedom with residual and passive income streams.

I want that for you too.

What would you do in your life right now if you could wish upon a star, wave a magic wand, and pursue your passions as a business?

I know you may have doubts. You may have tried already. You may think you don’t have the money, time, energy, or belief in yourself to live the life of your dreams.

But you do! You just have to choose.

And when you choose, the Universe will conspire in your favor to make your dreams a reality.

I will show you how.