Welcome, love! Glad you’re here….

I help women accelerate their growth as a female founder. My expertise is in radical mindset shifts for next level life experiences, social media & digital marketing, lead generation and connecting with female investors.

I teach female entrepreneurs how to scale their online Enterprise. I’ve always been fascinated by business strategy. In fact, until 8 years ago I was a Manhattan living, MBA degreed, Corporate Banker at a Fortune 50 powerhouse.

After three years of studying with spiritual masters in India, Thailand, Bali and beyond, I relocated to the beach in Tulum, Mexico where I lived for three years and created my platform sharing my gifts on a deeper and higher level. 

I recently returned to the US after six years and now live in Boulder, Colorado after moving here recently from Venice beach, California.


About eight years ago, I was a 29 year old women living in Manhattan with a fancy finance degree and a meaningless job at an elite company. I manifested my corporate layoff and took a 3 year spiritual sabbatical traveling the world.
Not so long ago…(circa late 2008), it was my 7th year sitting inside a grey cubicle pushing papers and analyzing financials at a fortune 50 conglomerate. I looked like I had it all together on the outside – the respected job, masters degree, six figures+, Manhattan apartment, summer beach house, NYC social life – but really I was secretly unfulfilled, lost, tense, lonely, and seeking MORE.

From the age of 13 I was always interested in personal development, but at this point I began to deepen my search spiritually.  I began to awaken my consciousness through meditation, yoga, and spiritual teachers. I studied the power of the mind and the law of attraction — this profoundly changed my life.

In early 2009, after just finishing my MBA in Finance, and while everyone was dreading the imminent layoffs in the financial industry, I was discovering and consciously manifesting my dream life. A few months later, my dreams came true. I was given a generous severance package, and showed the door. That closed door opened the world to me. 

I spent the next month at an ashram stretching and praying. 

Removed of the fear that was holding me back, I went on to travel for 3 years in India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, and Mexico.

Me by the ganga

By the ganga in Varanasi India

I soaked up all the spiritual experiences I could find…..Yoga, Thai bodywork, Vipassana meditation, Spiritual gurus, Chanting and kirtan, Eastern pujas and rituals, Crystal healing, Permaculture & self-sustainability, Drum circles and dancing. I studied over 500 hours of yoga philosophy and technique and became a Reiki Master Healer.

It was a pivotal change in a short amount of time — from boardrooms to ashrams, analyzing assets & liabilities to chanting in sanskrit, business suits & blown out hair to flowing skirts & waves — I felt like I had finally come home.

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado with my pitbull pup Diesel surrounded by a community of like-minded artists and entrpreneurs, and I’m doing the work I LOVE.

This is my dream. What’s yours?  Let’s do it.

Some more random juicy tidbits about me: I love vintage, boho, greens, altars, chai tea, animals, essential oils, italian food, bubbly h2o, salsa dancing, chanting, travel, films, candlelight, incense, tattoos, massage, and rituals.